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Expert Guidance For IPL Match Predictions


The latest edition of IPL is already underway, and fans are latching on to some much-needed entertainment. Popular since its inception in 2008, IPL is one of the most awaited cricket tournaments of the year for fans and betting enthusiasts alike. Given the glamor, glitz, and the fast-paced nature of the T20 format, IPL has attracted the attention of millions of fans around the world, making it a multi-billion dollar enterprise.

Usually, fans like to predict the outcome of matches, and how their favorite player will perform. But with the rising popularity of sports betting and fantasy cricket games, these predictions have gained much more importance. Many cricketing experts come out with their own set of predictions before the start of a match. Several cricketing websites also conduct an in-depth analysis of each game before they begin. For many fans and bettors, such websites are a good source from where they can get free cricket match predictions for all major cricket matches. Researching such websites prior to placing bets can help a bettor increase their chances of winning. Betting and playing fantasy games is no longer just a fun activity to pass time, but have become full-time careers for many individuals.

Each match has a different set of parameters. The venue, the toss, the squad, and the weather, all play an important role in determining the outcome of a match. Detailed analysis of each aspect of the game can greatly improve the accuracy of predicting the results of a match.

With the introduction of online betting during IPL, live betting has been gaining much popularity. Rather than just predicting the outcome of a game and betting on that, bettors and bookies now place wagers on a variety of aspects during the course of the game, like the runs scored during power plays, runs conceded in an over, mode of dismissal for the next wicket, etc. Placing bets on such dynamic aspects of a game requires a high degree of knowledge and research in order to beat the odds. While as lucrative as the returns may sound, the potential for making a loss is also much greater.

To place such dynamic and high stakes bets, expert guidance can come in handy in order to improve the chances of winning. There are several dedicated websites that provide in-depth data-driven predictions for each player and every team. Websites like StatsGuru,, and CricViz have exhaustive data on each player and every match played. Using their state of the art prediction models, they are the pioneers in providing early match analysis and predictions. Their prediction models factor in all the variable factors which can affect the course of a match, and come up with the most likely outcome.

Blogs from leading betting sites like Betfair provide valuable insights regarding the upcoming games and help bettors and fantasy league players make better selections.

Fantasy league players and bettors who rely on proper research before making their selections obviously have an upper hand on winning, compared to those who place their bets just on a `hunch´ or those who are just testing their luck.

Analytic websites rely on machine learning and mathematical models in order to predict the outcomes of matches.

While data from cricket matches has been gathered and maintained for a long time, it is only now, with the advent of machine learning and data analytics, that it has been put in use to give out reliable advice regarding the outcomes of a match. While no prediction can be 100% accurate, the use of such models greatly improves the accuracy of advice, and nudges bettors towards the right direction, giving them a better chance of beating the odds and earning a handsome reward on their wagers.

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