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Some tips to lose weight after overeating on holidays

At this special time of year, people often overindulge in the food they eat. This usually leads to them gaining some weight. For some this is not a problem (which is good), while for others it is somewhat uncomfortable (which is also good). In case you are part of the second group of people, read this article carefully, because Balls and Bells today brings you some tips to lose weight after the big holiday feasts.

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Resume your workouts:

It is important that once the holiday season is over, you resume your exercise routines as soon as possible. If you are new to fitness, you can try joining a gym and ask for advice from a qualified instructor. If you already have previous experience, you can increase your daily exercise in order to lose the weight faster. You can focus your workouts on your abs and buttocks, which are often the main “victims” of holiday eating. Be demanding with yourself, but don’t overdo it, you have a whole year to get back to your ideal weight.

Reduce your cocktail consumption:

We all love cocktails. Drinks with a wonderful taste, perfect to accompany happy moments. However, the cocktails have a lot of sugar, fat and calories that will increase your weight. Trying low-calorie drinks such as tea or lemonade (with stevia) could be a very good idea).

Drink (a lot of) water:

Since we are talking about drinks, we cannot forget the most important one of all: water. Drinking a lot will help your health. Do it, it’s easy and it will help you to eat and drink less. Don’t forget to take your bottle full of water to the gym.

Eat healthy:

This point is perhaps the most important. After all the calories you indulged in at Christmas, it’s time to get your diet back on track. Eat foods high in protein and fiber. Chicken, salmon, greek yogurt, boiled eggs, thinly sliced turkey breast and avocado are very good options. Also try to eat fruits and vegetables, such as apples, pears, bananas or mango. Nuts are also a good option.

Go to bed earlier:

Sleep is wonderful, you should try to do it more. That will help both your body and your mind. It’s very good for your skin health, prevents you from gaining weight and will save you a few headaches.

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