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The best fitness apps and gadgets for 2021

In this year 2020 many people had time to worry about their health and fitness. If you are one of them and want to maintain good habits by 2021, Balls and Bells brings you some tools that can be very useful. Best of all, many are completely free!

Map my Run:

As its name suggests, this app is very useful for tracking and mapping all your runs. Still, it has many other functions: you can keep records of more activities, such as yoga, gym workouts, cycling, cross training, walking and many others.


This gadget is a smart kettlebell that offers six adjustable weight options. It’s something amazing: you can literally add or drop weight with the touch of a button. Its compact and ergonomic design allows you workout anywhere. You can also connect your device with your iPhone or your Apple Watch to track your weights, reps, sets and rest time, which is very useful to set goals and monitor your progress.

Tangran Smartrope:

This is a smart jump rope that is able to measure your jump counts. This amazing gadget also keeps a record of your daily and weekly activity, including burnt calories, time and goals achieved. You can also compare your ratings with your friends if they are Smartrope users. Besides that, if you want a complete experience of this device, you can connect with the Smartrope app which is available for both Android and iOS.

Fitness Buddy:

This app is wonderfully rare: is like a having virtual personal trainer and nutritionist at the same time. Fitness Buddy offers you hundreds of training sessions to do at home or at the gyms. It also offers you personalized meal plans and recipes. This app also provides you with clear exercise instructions and videos, as well as progressive workout plans.

Vyper Vibrating Fitness Roller:

If you are a fitness enthusiast, you will probably love this gadget. We are talking about a high-intensity vibrating fitness roller that will help you during your warm-up and recovery before and after your workout. Vyper’s 40W motor designed to deliver maximum vibration to your body.


It’s no secret that in order to have an enviable figure, you must have a healthy diet. This app offers you a huge food database, calorie counter and food insights which will give you a comprehensive idea of your nutrition.

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