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Top esports events you should look forward to in 2021

Over the years, esports have grown exponentially and have gained the admiration of a considerable part of the young public. Little by little this continues to consolidate as a professional sport that attracts more and more people and generates more and more money. 2020 was a complicated year, but still the esports served as a great entertainment during the lockdown. On the other hand, 2021 promises to be a great year for this discipline, that is why Balls and Bells brings you the best esports tournaments that will take place next year.

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League of Legends World Championship:

League of Legends (also known as LoL) is undoubtedly one of the most popular video games in the world. In 2021 LoL will have its eleventh world championship. For now, it is only known that it will take place in China and that one of the host cities of the tournament will be Wuhan. The objective will be to have a spectacular party in honor of this game and try to forget the strange and sad world championship of 2020, which was seriously affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The irony is that the event will precisely take place in the city where it all began.

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Fortnite Champion Series:

Fans’ hearts were broken a couple of weeks ago after Epic Games announced that the 2021 Fortnite World Cup would be cancelled. The company believes that the world is not yet ready for in-person events. However, they will be able to enjoy other tournaments such as the Fornite Champion Series. This competition will be focused on trios’ competitions. Epic Games also said that it’s looking to experiment with new formats as well.

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Counter-Strike Global Offensive World Championship:

CS: GO is a videogame with a huge following. Its world championship can boast of a prize pool of $500,000, we are talking about the biggest event for this game. Twenty-four teams from all over the world will compete over the course of two weeks to be crowned as the best and deadliest team in the world.

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The Overwatch League:

Since its release in 2016, Overwatch has been one of the most well received games in the esports community. Its high quality graphics, bright colors and spectacular characters make anyone can enjoy this masterpiece, either as a player or as a spectator. Another event to look forward to.

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