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How Mr. Met altered Taijuan Walker’s jersey number selection with his new club

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There’s a lot that goes into why professional athletes choose to wear their uniform numbers. Some go with a number they had growing up or in college. Others go with a lucky number, something relating to their birthday, or maybe they have to choose something random because their first choice was already taken when they joined the team.

When starting pitcher Taijuan Walker was added to the New York Mets roster recently, he was coming off playing with the Toronto Blue Jays, wearing No. 00. Any serious baseball fan or Mets fan will quickly see the issue here: that’s the number New York mascot Mr. Met wears. 


When a prominent player arrives to a team and someone else is already wearing their preferred number, there’s usually a conversation had between the two, and often one player will pay the other for the number or give them some sort of exchange. Well, you can’t really pay Mr. Met a couple thousand dollars to change his number.

The 28-year-old Walker decided to ensure Mr. Met shines solo, and says he will not take his No. 00 so that the mascot remains the only one wearing the number. I’m sure Mr. Met is somewhere celebrating Walker’s kind gesture.

Walker will wear No. 99 instead.

Mr. Met has a long history with the team, so it’s only right he remains the only one on the field wearing his number. He was first seen on April 11, 1962 and began appearing at games in 1964.

In 2003, first baseman Tony Clark became the first Mets player to wear No. 00, but switched to No. 52 to avoid confusion.

Mr. Met was elected to the Mascot Hall of Fame in 2007 and is one of the most beloved and popular mascots in baseball.

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